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Image by Evi Radauscher

About Van Driesten Harvesting

Mike and Brittany started their Custom Harvesting Operation in 2010.  They started out as a one-combine-one-truck operation and learned very quickly they wanted more.  Brittany ran the combine and Mike hauled the grain.  They enjoy the farming way of life as they both grew up on farms.  Mike in Southern Alberta; growing up on a Dairy-Grain farm, and Brittany in Central Saskatchewan on a mixed farm of cattle and grain.  
They enjoy the harvest run, meeting new people and the other crews along the way!  The VDH Crew heads south in Mid-May and arrives back home as late as December.   The harvest Travels takes them through many states, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Montana.  


Since 2010 the operation has changed, from 1 machine and the original Red Pete aka "Cheryl".  VDH has grown into 6 machines, 2-grain carts/tractors, and several trucks - Peterbilt 379, 389, and 388.   We have a semi-bunkhouse that was converted in 2021, for the crew.   From a growing crew, Mike and Brittany have their boys, Wyatt and Cash who also join the crew on the harvest trail.  As the boys get older their interest in equipment is evident.  They enjoy their time in the field, whether it be on the red dirt roads of OK or touring the Missouri River breaks in Montana.  The boys and crew have an adventure-filled summer.  


Now Mike primarily runs a combine and mechanics when needed and is in the field nearly all the time.  Brittany is at camp doing all things a HarvestHer does; cooks, runs errands, parts runner and bookkeeper, all while chasing the two busy little boys and having sometimes daily water fights, if you have been around the VDH crew, the water fights can start as soon at the last bite of supper is ate or getting out of a pick-up, usually, the water fights are well received after a hot day in the field.


They are looking forward and optimistic to the 2024 season, and all the challenges ahead.




All the pictures on the site were taken by Brittany and the site was designed by her also.

Our Company

We are proud of our employees, providing them with a unique traveling and working experience.  Many crew members over the years have returned for multiple seasons.  After a season or a few, they go on to other careers with life lessons learned through the custom harvest run.  Many have left to go back to the family farm, purchase their own trucks, and travel abroad.


To provide a family-based operation work service to our customers.  We have many long-term customers who appreciate our dedication,  and the hard work we have served over the years. 


We are family-owned and operated, Mike and Brittany are with the crew from day one.  Spending many hours in the field and on off days traveling to baseball games, movies, go carting, or touring the local town or cities. 


Our goal is to keep a light and humble crew.  We are raising our boys on the run, we are thorough in the hiring process to make sure we have a crew that matches our family lifestyle and crew that will all get along.  Our crew is here representing us and our business and how we conduct business.  We like to keep it fun for everyone, it's an experience - but yet when it's time to work, our crew can do what is needed when it is time to get the crop harvested.

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