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Providing our Employees a unique working experience since 2015.

About us
VDH, Custom harvesting, Van Driesten Harvesting

Mike and Brittany Van Driesten own and operate Van Driesten Harvesting Ltd.  with crew as big as 12 employees at times.  They travel over 5000 miles in one season, from the plains of Oklahoma to the river Breaks in Montana and fertile soil in Saskatchewan and North Dakota. 

Latest News 

Harvest 2023

Van Driesten Harvesting currently running PIPe AG since season 2021.  PIPE AG is a Software built by a farmer, for the farmer.

PIPE AG is a hardware and software Ag technology company that focuses on improving logistics and efficiencies with the growers existing equipment. We use our unique technology and deep knowledge of farming and agriculture to fully understand the problems and frustrations that growers have. Our program runs off an app but does so much more as it connects to multiple sensors on machines and brings real-time connectivity to farms.

K-Hart Stripper header

K-Hart Stripper Header

Februar 2, 2023

The company’s new Raptor stripper header is similar in design to the European-built Shelbourne Reynolds stripper headers that have been sold on the Prairies for 30 years.

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